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Total: 978 stories


Found 2 Zelda

Pet Owner: Stacy A. (NJ)Pet Name: ZeldaDate Lost: 02/20/2017

I am so elated to have found my kitty. She actually strolled onthe deck around 2 in the morning. She,was a little scared but she came over. So glad I had a,website to turn to in my hours of need thank you for being there.


Found 2 Chumlee

Pet Owner: Risa W. (KS)Pet Name: ChumleeDate Lost: 02/16/2017

Wonderful and easy to use! Thank you for the great service and helping me find my cat!!!!


Found 2 BABY

Pet Owner: Linda L. (PA)Pet Name: BABYDate Lost: 02/18/2017Date Found: 02/19/17

I was amazed at how fast the word got out about my missing Baby, especially on Sunday of a holiday weekend. I didn't want to waste any time and Lost My Kitty certainly did not waste any. Baby made it home on her own, but it is so nice to know I have this group to count on for help. I hope to never need them again but am so glad they're here. THANK YOU


Found 2 Jamie

Pet Owner: Jose S. (CA)Pet Name: JamieDate Lost: 11/15/2016Date Found: 02/16/17

I went outside to close the gate and I saw my cat running to me meowing very exited to see me. I got so happy in tears. He came home 8 days before my birthday. Maybe someone had my cat and saw the posting on line and decided to let him go. My cat was very healthy. He just didn't give in because he is too close to me. I would like to thank everyone for their support.


Pet Owner: Michael M. (TX)Pet Name: Little BitDate Lost: 02/09/2017

Though my cat came home on her own, knowing that the word was out there helped to make the waiting more bearable. When you don't know where your best friend is, spreading a wide net is very comforting in a terrible stressful time.


Found 2 Fluffy

Pet Owner: Stephanie S. (NY)Pet Name: FluffyDate Lost: 02/13/2017

thank you so much for all your help . This is a wonderful service . Highly recommended


Found 2 Lola Newhart/Miller

Pet Owner: Nicole M. (CT)Pet Name: Lola Newhart/MillerDate Lost: 02/09/2017

Lola was found safe and warm! Someone took care of her throwing the snowstorm.


Found 2 Lucy

Pet Owner: Patti H. (TX)Pet Name: LucyDate Lost: 12/14/2016Date Found: 02/11/17

Thank you with out y'all tips and ideas by posting posters every where aroun home. Lucy was spotted and after 1 1/2 mths Lucy was back in our loving home. Thank you Patti -Wylie,TX



Pet Owner: Armand A. (RI)Pet Name: Bobbee (NEEDS MEDS URGENTLY!)Date Lost: 01/23/2017Date Found: 02/07/17

Because of the posters your site created and sent me, we put 50 of them up in the area- and because of that, a woman called my brother today & he got the cat out from under her shed. She'd been lost for 2 weeks and had a short time before she would start failing due to not getting her medication. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO!


Found 2 Snickers

Pet Owner: Lauren B. (PA)Pet Name: SnickersDate Lost: 02/04/2017

We found our cat Snickers shortly after dusk. My boyfriend had just printed off 15 of the flyers your site designed for us, but we didn't get a chance to use them. We'll save them just in case. Your site have us peace of mind that we were doing all we could do.


Found 2 Unknown

Pet Owner: Blake W. (TX)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 02/06/2017Date Found: 02/06/17

I found a cat and posted a picture on this site. Within 30 minutes the owner called me and said they'd been looking for him for several days! Great job!! This kitty's family was super happy to have him home.


Found 2 Ned

Pet Owner: Doris M. (NJ)Pet Name: NedDate Lost: 01/26/2017

THANK YOU TO LOST MY KITTY The flyers really are good because I'm new to old bridge Dont know anyone....handing the flyers everyday Putting at door steps he was sighted still in my complex Thank you !


Found 2 Smarty

Pet Owner: Damon S. (CA)Pet Name: SmartyDate Lost: 01/28/2017Date Found: 01/30/17

What a wonderful service! Convenient, easy and effective!


Found 2 has 2 Swiss chips,soon GA

Pet Owner: James C. (GA)Pet Name: has 2 Swiss chips,soon GADate Lost: 01/21/2017Date Found: 01/29/17

I think LostMyKitty is great, if this time our cat was found by locale signs we posted: During a huge storm 21 Jan, she found shelter in a detached garage two houses away, textbook nearness. The storm had blown the door open, the next morning the husband shut it. 5 days she was in there. I had heard a faint meow over the days, and searched, but it seemed maybe like the wind or something else. But it was her each day. The wife saw one of 6 signs we put up in the neighborhood, and then heard the cat, let her out, went back down the street to get the phone number, hungry cat following, and called me. Augusta has two microchips (long story when she was lost 10 months in Switzerland last year, the pill wore off, got pregnant, had 3 kittens - 30km away (truck trip?)-, then the vet read the chip). Anyway, I put her named collar back on and she's hanging around our house as normal again. Happy happy.


Found 2 Juniper

Pet Owner: Kris C. (AL)Pet Name: JuniperDate Lost: 01/07/2017Date Found: 01/21/17

After my cat vanished in front of my eyes I had no idea what to do. I looked for her for a couple of days then I put up flyers. Then I called the ASPCA to see if the may have seen her. They told me about this site. I could not believe there is an amber alert for pets. What a great idea! This site actually cares... could not believe they care for my pet over charging me to send out an alert. Because of the site, I got a list of people and places local to me that they sent alerts to. I saw there was a cat rescue less than a mile from my house. I went there and they freely gave me a trap. I set the trap up and after a couple possums, there was my cat. Over 3 weeks later and there she was. Poor girl, she lost half her body weight and ever since I saw her, she has not left my side. She missed me more than I missed her and I missed her a ton. Thank You
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