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Total: 1009 stories


Found 2 CALI

Pet Owner: JUDITH W. (CA)Pet Name: CALIDate Lost: 04/23/2017Date Found: 04/29/17

She is home - she was stuck in a neighbors basement I believe! Thank the Lord! Look around your homes!


Found 2 Silvio lol

Pet Owner: Patrice L. (NY)Pet Name: Silvio lolDate Lost: 04/23/2017Date Found: 04/26/17

Thank you for your service. Silvio came home on his own, but to be able to post him as missing on your site was of great comfort to us. His chances of being found was greatly increased because you allowed me to get the word out, and you were generous by allowing me to post his photo at no charge. Thank you for your huge heart.


Found 2 Jake

Pet Owner: chris w. (KS)Pet Name: JakeDate Lost: 04/21/2017

Jake decided to come home ln his own after he was done exploring, but I was very impressed with all of tbe services you guys have to offer. If he ever goes exploring again ill be sure to use you guys!


Found 2 Muffin

Pet Owner: Andrea H. (CA)Pet Name: MuffinDate Lost: 04/10/2017Date Found: 04/22/17

My kitty was missing for 12 heart breaking days. She was found far from home by a sweet couple who found her post on lostmykitty. I would have not been reunited with had I not used this service. My heart felt thank you from me and Muffin, the kitty.


Found 2 Eloise

Pet Owner: Diana S. (GA)Pet Name: EloiseDate Lost: 03/31/2017Date Found: 04/10/17

We were so blessed when our baby came home. Thank you for the great service you provided, we were devastated when Eloise had gone missing.


Found 2 Daisy

Pet Owner: Tina B. (CA)Pet Name: DaisyDate Lost: 04/13/2017Date Found: 04/15/17

I want to thank you for the very professional flyer & posting to facebook, the Vets, Animal Shelters & Rescues. I followed the Lost Pets Tips & tip from other Rescue & facebook members. I woke up for no known reason at 02:44. I looked outside on my porch & there Daisy was, resting one her pad that I had put outside praying she would smell it & return. Thank you so much for this site & all that you do to help return pets to their families. Sincerely, Tina T Brown


Found 2 Hector

Pet Owner: Alice B. (WA)Pet Name: HectorDate Lost: 04/09/2017

Dear, We found our kitty after 72 hours in our own front yard. I don't think your service directly resulted in his recovery -- but knowing that we were doing everything we could to find him helped US get through a very difficult time. This is the first time we have lost a pet in the social media/lost-and-found website era. It was comforting to know so many networks were aligned to help us find our beloved cat. Best of luck to all other owners and lost kitties. I hope you are together again soon.


Found 2 Truffles

Pet Owner: Ashley F. (TX)Pet Name: TrufflesDate Lost: 04/04/2017Date Found: 04/12/17

Lost My Kitty is the absolute BEST in assisting with the finding of lost pets!!! They sent faxes to the local vets and shelter....provided us with a flyer to use...and post everywhere!!! It was one of these flyers that was seen by a person walking the neighborhood and they called us tonight. Prayers answered!!! Thank you LOST MY KITTY!!!!!


Found 2 Onyx

Pet Owner: Melissa S. (AR)Pet Name: OnyxDate Lost: 03/26/2017Date Found: 04/10/17

Thank you for all you did for helping to find Onyx. Funniest thing is he found his on way home thankful. I am still thankful for all the help and my mother is very greatful that she has her kitten back. Thanks again. I Found the Lost my kitty website very helpful and will use It again in the future if needed and will recommend your site to other who have lost a pet.


Pet Owner: Helen C. (AZ)Pet Name: TYDate Lost: 04/05/2017Date Found: 04/10/17

Thank you for this site we were able to get ty back.


Found 2 Zoe

Pet Owner: Alan A. (MD)Pet Name: ZoeDate Lost: 12/28/2016Date Found: 04/10/17

Our cat Zoe was trapped and taken to the local animal shelter. She had been missing for 102 days when we got the call to say she was waiting for us to pick her up. Her microchip data allowed them to find us. Although no one action can be shown leading to her recovery, the cumulative effect of all our actions made a difference. Early on, we had a number of leads from the call service provided by Encouragement by friends and those on social media to keep looking--and perhaps led to someone taking the time to capture and take Zoe to the shelter. We are very relieved.


Found 2 Daisy

Pet Owner: Kristen M. (PA)Pet Name: DaisyDate Lost: 03/30/2017

Thank you for providing this service to help locate pets with their owners.


Found 2 Spooky

Pet Owner: Patsy B. (PA)Pet Name: SpookyDate Lost: 02/19/2017Date Found: 04/08/17

Spooky has been found! Thanks so much for your help. He was found based on one of the flyers from your site. I can say enough how happy we are to have him home. He was gone 6 weeks and is pretty wild. I'm sure it will take a while for him to get back to himself.


Found 2 burger

Pet Owner: betty g. (OH)Pet Name: burgerDate Lost: 04/01/2017Date Found: 04/05/17

Thank you for your help and support I will recommend your agency to all pet owners with missing pets.


Found 2 Smokey

Pet Owner: Shelby N. (PA)Pet Name: SmokeyDate Lost: 04/02/2017Date Found: 04/05/17

This website was wonderful, very easy to use and we are grateful for the tools that were provided to us to help find Smokey. He is home safe and sound!
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