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Found 2 Zara

Pet Owner: Love O. (NY)Pet Name: ZaraDate Lost: 08/16/2017Date Found: 08/16/17

I'm so happy I found my baby


Found 2 Ephraim

Pet Owner: Ashley M. (OH)Pet Name: EphraimDate Lost: 07/31/2017Date Found: 08/10/17 is a direct result of what brought my kitty home. This service was used and it sent putt fliers to dozens of agencies. One of those workers recognized Ephraim, a stray, that was hanging out at get mom's house. Her Mom contacted me immediately and within a day we are reunited. Thanks to this service.


Found 2 Bobbi

Pet Owner: Claire H. (OH)Pet Name: BobbiDate Lost: 08/06/2017

Thank you for having a wonderful website like this. I wasn't sure where to turn after calling the APL and surrounding vet offices. Your website not only allowed me to post that my cat was lost, but I was able to print out the flyers to put around my neighborhood and local stores. She was anonymously returned safe and sound. Thank you again.


Found 2 Charlie

Pet Owner: Robin D. (CA)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 08/01/2017

Love the posters lost flyers! The best service!


Found 2 Lincoln

Pet Owner: sue z. (PA)Pet Name: LincolnDate Lost: 07/16/2017Date Found: 08/09/17

Lincoln was lost july 16th 2017 and was found today thanks to everyone that shared he was lost and brought him home to my neice


Found 2 Topanga

Pet Owner: Daryl D. (OH)Pet Name: TopangaDate Lost: 07/16/2017Date Found: 08/03/17

After 17 agonizing days of searching, Topanga miraculously showed up at our doorstep late last night...meowing like crazy, really tired and weathered from her experience. We took her to the vet today, and aside from a scratched eye and a slight respiratory infection, she's in good shape, considering. Although LostMyKitty wasn't directly responsible for her returning home, we have only positive things to say about them. We first did the poster alerts, then upgraded to the phone alerts a few days later. We know the vet notifications happened, because her flyer was posted at our vet when we arrived today. The calls also worked...went out further than we expected...for we had calls literally within minutes of it being activated. We wish we would have done this out of the gate. Hopefully, we never have to go through this again, but we would not hesitate to use LostMyKitty. The only suggestion we have is that it would be helpful on the phone call message to include an option to repeat the message in case the person didn't get the number. Thank you!


Found 2 Bulldog

Pet Owner: Mary Lynn A. (MO)Pet Name: BulldogDate Lost: 07/31/2017Date Found: 08/01/17

Thanks so much for your help. I couldn't believe how fast you were able to set the wheels in motion!! I have been posting your lost pets to my facebook account for a long time, but this was my first experience with using your services to find my pet. Thanks so much for all the good work you do. I will certainly sleep better tonight!!


Found 2 Pat

Pet Owner: Dyan M. (OR)Pet Name: PatDate Lost: 06/01/2017Date Found: 08/01/17

The customer service was excellent and any questions I had were handled in a prompt manner, plus the customer service rep. Heather went above and beyond to help and was very kind and caring --so appreciated at a time of stress and crisis! Everything is done almost as soon as you order it. The calls were made within a short time and my information was posted about Pat right away. This was a great service to use and helped me feel that I was reaching out to as many people as possible to bring Patrick home. It took us 2 months, but he was found and is resting happily at home with his friends. Thank you! Dyan


Found 2 Zac

Pet Owner: sharon w. (CA)Pet Name: ZacDate Lost: 07/27/2017

Your kindness & helpfulness gave me comfort & hope. Knowing that even though I spent no money on extra services there were folks there willing to help.



Pet Owner: Megan F. (OH)Pet Name: GEMINI FEEZLEDate Lost: 07/24/2017Date Found: 07/27/17

If it wasn't for my lost my baby boy might still be out there thanks to the wonderful free flyers and the fact that they contacted his veterinarian he was able to come home safe and sound I couldn't be more grateful!


Found 2 Gypsy

Pet Owner: John L. (NY)Pet Name: GypsyDate Lost: 06/28/2017Date Found: 07/26/17

We used your service and it was easy to use. We are happy our kitty is home. Thanks


Found 2 Ella

Pet Owner: Cortnie S. (WA)Pet Name: EllaDate Lost: 07/22/2017

We found our kitty! She was across the street in a neighbors yard. I'm not sure if she was there the whole time or not but we went out at 4am with a flashlight and calmly called for her. A few minutes later she meowed and ran home across the street. She is very startled but she is just fine!


Found 2 Callie

Pet Owner: William A. (CO)Pet Name: CallieDate Lost: 06/26/2017Date Found: 06/29/17

Although Callie found her way home on her own, it was a great relief knowing that a feline APB was in effect. Plus, it kept me out of the doghouse when my wife got home a few days later and found out that I'd pulled out all the stops in trying to find her little girl!


Found 2 Mr. Magoo

Pet Owner: Casey J. (CT)Pet Name: Mr. MagooDate Lost: 07/18/2017Date Found: 07/20/17

My geriatric and blind cat was scared off by construction noise and I thought he was a goner for sure. But Lost My Kitty's listing is what brought him home! He was lost in the dense woods about 1/4 mile from my house, but nieghbors that I had never met got the phone message alert (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) so that when they notice my big red Persian cat behind their house, they immediately wondered if he was the cat that they had gotten the phone call. Their young son was able to get online, get my number from your website, have his dad call me...and together, they helped me track Magoo through the woods until we could surround and capture him. Good neighbors are rare and I"m SO grateful, but this website is your BEST BET to getting your kitty back quickly and safely. They even refused the reward! Good people do exist, but they need the information in order to help reunite lost pets and their owners and is the ANSWER. Thanks so much, I'm overjoyed to have Mr. Magoo back.


Found 2 Unkonwn

Pet Owner: Boris M. (GA)Pet Name: UnkonwnDate Lost: 07/06/2017Date Found: 07/17/17

I'd just like to tell you guys, we've found this cute little cat's owner! We 've already took her to home (it's a young couple with two kids and a dog :-) ). They are living at the same apartment complex like us. She was living on the streets for 2 months, but now she is with her family again :-)! Thank all for all the help! Judit & Boris
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