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Total: 1040 stories


Found 2 Nevaeh

Pet Owner: Linda C. (FL)Pet Name: NevaehDate Lost: 06/16/2017

Thank you for helping spread the word about our missing kitty. Thankfully, blessed our sweet baby Nevaeh is home safe and alive.


Found 1 Coco

Pet Owner: Bill H. (CA)Pet Name: CocoDate Lost: 06/15/2017

Lost My Kitty was very helpful with the return of Coco. The call service worked as promised. As I canvassed my neighborhood looking for any sign of Coco, my neighbors would tell me that they had received the phone message. When I visited my local veterinarians, they already had the poster provided by Lost My Kitty. Ultimately it was posters that led to Coco's return. Some people from outside the neighborhood had picked Coco up. They returned to the neighborhood a few days later and saw the posters I had put up all over and called me. Coco was returned to us shortly thereafter.


Found 2 Kitty

Pet Owner: Itsel O. (CA)Pet Name: KittyDate Lost: 06/20/2017Date Found: 06/24/17

Very helpful website. Was able to found my lost kitty within a day.


Pet Owner: Tami D. (SD)Pet Name: OscarDate Lost: 06/14/2017

I am impressed with this site because they do not require you to pay ANY money for help finding your lost pet. I think that's so amazing. But, there are options for finding your pet that do cost a little money


Found 2 Tucker

Pet Owner: Sarah E. (AL)Pet Name: TuckerDate Lost: 06/20/2017Date Found: 06/22/17

Thanks to the flyers I printed out my cat Tucker was found. A neighbor got the flyer that I put in his mailbox and called me saying he had found him!


Found 2 Corona

Pet Owner: Astrid W. (CO)Pet Name: CoronaDate Lost: 06/19/2017Date Found: 06/21/17

even though our cat returned on his own I'm so glad that there is a service such as this - it gives you the resources to help you in locating your lost pet and my email questions were responded to very quickly which I appreciate their professionalism


Found 2 MaMa

Pet Owner: Pam D. (OH)Pet Name: MaMaDate Lost: 06/02/2017

Thank you so much. Adds much peace to know the Lost My Kitty Network is out there. We lost her at a campground and traced her to a house adjacent to the campground. Again, blessings to all involved in Lost My Kitty.


Found 2 Oscar

Pet Owner: Wendy T. (TX)Pet Name: OscarDate Lost: 06/09/2017Date Found: 06/15/17

Thank you for your service! We ended up finding our cat by taking someone's advice of just having a normal conversation on the front porch. After about 30 min, we saw our kitty pop his head out from a street gutter! He had heard us!


Found 2 Unknown

Pet Owner: Krista N. (OH)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 05/25/2017Date Found: 06/13/17

What an amazing site. Thank you for helping us get our found kitty home.


Found 2 Beans

Pet Owner: Lauren Z. (PA)Pet Name: BeansDate Lost: 05/23/2017Date Found: 06/24/17

Beans was found last night due to A neighbor about 10-12 blocks away who received a phone alert about Beans, called me. Beans is good, down about 5 lbs, dehydrated, but good! Without the kindness of neighbors and, I am not sure Beans would have been found!


Found 2 Iris

Pet Owner: Colleen H. (AL)Pet Name: IrisDate Lost: 06/03/2017Date Found: 06/12/17

I was glad that I posted a listing for Iris on this website. They sent me a flyer to print to distribute. Within the same day, I had people calling me with tips that there were loose cats near their home. Although they were not Iris, it was helpful in searching for her. Iris was found the next day. She came home on her own. Still don't know where she went for the day she went missing. Just thankful to have her home.


Found 2 Ninja

Pet Owner: Wendy A. (AR)Pet Name: NinjaDate Lost: 06/09/2017Date Found: 06/12/17

Thanks for helping find our cat! I totally believe this was why we found her! Wendy


Found 2 Arihes (Guppy)

Pet Owner: Heidilynne S. (MD)Pet Name: Arihes (Guppy)Date Lost: 04/28/2017

We were successful in finding our cat by posting/handing out yellow flyers with his color photo and description using the free template from We posted them in residential neighborhoods, vets, pet stores, and shopping centers near where he was lost. It took a month, but we received sightings (mostly in storm drains/pipes, which cats can use as subway tunnels, and bushes) and calls. We left odoriferous (fresh but smelly fish) food at consistent sighting locations and times. This kept him in the same area with repeat sightings. We finally were able to recover him while feeding him. Never give up! Don't stop believing!


Found 2 Stellaluna

Pet Owner: Amy W. (NE)Pet Name: StellalunaDate Lost: 05/22/2017Date Found: 05/23/17

Lost My Kitty is worth it to do if ur pets are lost... even thro my cat was found not by this website but still... I am sure it help other beloved pets. Thank you.


Found 2 Ivy

Pet Owner: Gailia D. (CO)Pet Name: IvyDate Lost: 05/27/2017Date Found: 05/30/17

I am happy to report that in less than 24 hours of listing our Ivy missing on this and a few other sites, I received multiple emails and phone calls stating that people had seen out cat. I picked her up this morning!!! I am so thankful to have her back and for sites like this that make finding lost pets so much easier!
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