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Found 2 Franky

Pet Owner: Daniel M. (NH)Pet Name: FrankyDate Lost: 09/20/2017Date Found: 09/22/17

This is the third time I have had to use this service. My cat was found within 2 days. I wasn't hopeful that it was going to work this time. My cat is old and sick so I figured he was dead. I recommend this website to everyone.


Found 2 Izzy

Pet Owner: Amanda F. (OH)Pet Name: IzzyDate Lost: 08/25/2017

Izzy issue and sound at home. She definitely needs some TLC she lost quite a bit weight. She was here on the property the whole time. We found her about a week or two after she escaped. She had been hiding under the porch, and she wouldn't come to anyone. She finally came out the other day to lay in the sun; and my husband quickly picked her up and carried her inside. She fought him the whole way, but she's in and eating. She keeps crying though. I'm very grateful that she's home. This service is wonderful and our local vet and animal league have checked in with us about her. Thank you all for creating this site.


Found 2 Suri

Pet Owner: Stephanie D. (MA)Pet Name: SuriDate Lost: 09/12/2017Date Found: 09/19/17

I want to thank everyone that has helped us look for our cat Suri. I'm sad to report that Suri was struck and killed last Tuesday on Charlton Street. I just received confirmation from the DPW department in town that it was my cat. They confirmed the collar she was wearing. They brought her up to an area by the High school but did not bury her. Since that time a wild animal has taken her away so we cannot even get her back to bury her. I love you Suri. Now I know all the signs I heard was my pretty girl saying goodbye to me


Found 2 Bubbles

Pet Owner: Suzanne H. (FL)Pet Name: BubblesDate Lost: 09/12/2017

Lost my Kitty's Flyer helped us find Bubbles. What a great service that you provide. Thank you for helping us find our Bubbles!


Found 2 KayKay

Pet Owner: Morgan H. (TX)Pet Name: KayKayDate Lost: 09/14/2017

I left out food and water and a shirt I had worn. Came home from work and she was laying on shirt.


Found 2 Boots

Pet Owner: Ellen M. (CA)Pet Name: BootsDate Lost: 09/13/2017

WE ARE SO HAPPY - BOOTS IS HOME TONIGHT! At 10 pm my son and I were talking in the kitchen by the window and Boots heard us and called to us. We were reunited tonight and he is safe and happy to be home! Lots of love and booty massages. He's tired but starting to chirp and talk again. All's well with the world. All the wonderful advice we received was right - we kept journeying out, talking as we walked, we left clothing and blankets from his favorite spots, put his litter box out, we put flyers out all around the neighborhood and visited our local shelter - but we always had someone home in case he came looking for us- THANK YOU THANK YOU to all our wonderful neighbors and to LOST MY KITTY, the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter (wonderful facility), and all the wonderful hardworking folks who take care of lost pets, put their pictures on line, help families reunite with their loved ones - FEELING VERY HAPPY AND BLESSED TONIGHT!



Pet Owner: Jen D. (MI)Pet Name: SNICKERSDate Lost: 09/11/2017

Thank you everyone for your help! Snickers is home!


Found 2 Angel kitty

Pet Owner: Jeffrey D. (CA)Pet Name: Angel kittyDate Lost: 08/31/2017Date Found: 09/02/17

The flyer you sent to print out was instrumental in finding my kitty so thank you very much for your service.


Found 2 Unknown

Pet Owner: Marie P. (MA)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 08/28/2017Date Found: 09/05/17

I am an animal control officer and have been able to reunite pets with their owners thanks to websites like Getting the word out as much as possible about your missing pet is the best chance for them to be reunited... even if the the owner themselves do not see it, chances are someone who knows them will see it (as was the last kitty I found). The last cat I picked up turned out to be missing for over 6 weeks and a friend of the owner had spotted the post and shared it with her.... the owners had actually moved and the kitty was actually making its way back to their old address. The more the word is out there the better!


Found 2 Andi

Pet Owner: Christina B. (PA)Pet Name: AndiDate Lost: 08/28/2017

We found Andi tonight... so relieved! In our time of worry, we were glad to have LostMyKitty and FindTobyinPA to help with our search. The waiting can feel interminable, but knowing our pet's information was out there was comforting.


Found 2 Bella

Pet Owner: Maria S. (NJ)Pet Name: BellaDate Lost: 08/27/2017Date Found: 08/30/17

Within less than 24 hours of posting that my cat Bella was missing I received a call that a Good Samaritan had found her. I am very pleased with the services provided. Bella is home and playing with her brother. Thanks so much!


Found 2 Cato

Pet Owner: Laurie K. (NC)Pet Name: CatoDate Lost: 08/24/2017Date Found: 08/28/17

We are thrilled to report that Cato showed up early this morning!! We think he was trapped in a neighbor's garage until they left for work this morning. He was so happy to be home and quite hungry!!


Found 2 Runt

Pet Owner: Virginia C. (CA)Pet Name: RuntDate Lost: 08/26/2017Date Found: 08/27/17

Our kitty is home safe and sound! I was impressed by how quickly all the alerts went out. Thank you so much!


Found 2 Tigger

Pet Owner: Sylvia K. (GA)Pet Name: TiggerDate Lost: 07/30/2017

Thank you for this wonderful website, we are glad o say Tigger has found his way home after three weeks. We hope all missing pets are able to return home safely! Thanks again!


Found 2 Zara

Pet Owner: Love O. (NY)Pet Name: ZaraDate Lost: 08/16/2017Date Found: 08/16/17

I'm so happy I found my baby
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